Orchid News, a digital magazine from the Brazilian Orchids website (http://www.delfinadearaujo.com), bilingual Portuguese/English, was launched in 1997, having been published uninterruptedly for 18 years. It was discontinued in 2015 after 41 issues and 2 special bulletins.
During this period, we organized the first meeting between the main growers, professionals and amateurs, to discuss the Brazilian market, at the headquarters of OrquidaRio, an orchidophile organization in Rio de Janeiro.
We personally cover 3 WOCs - World Orchids Conference - in Rio de Janeiro, Dijon and Miami - and numerous exhibitions throughout Brazil, hosting dozens of descriptions of new species, articles on cultivation, conservation and much more.
We are taking up this magazine here, written by Delfina de Araujo and Sergio Araujo, the contribution of researchers, cultivators and those interested in orchidophilia, who find here space for the dissemination of their research, academic activities and others.
We resumed its publication in 2021, returning to contribute to the discussion and dissemination of technical and scientific subjects about orchids.
We will keep, for consultation, all previous publications of the journal, in their original format (some internal links may not be up to date).
The magazine will have an uncertain periodicity, as soon as we have enough material we will publish it..

Contact:contato@orchidnews.com.br|delfinadearaujo@gmail.com |sergio@sergioaraujo.com